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Wise Women's Health 

At Wise Women's Health the aim is simple.  To guide and support you along the path to physical and mental well-being.  Using a holistic approach, to bridge the gaps between mainstream medical care and complementary medicine.  In this space you will receive honesty, empathy, experience, knowledge, patience, kindness and the practical tools to find your healthy, happy self. 

Explore our site to learn more about what we do and how you can experience positive change.

Coaching sessions are usually by Zoom Video Conferencing with follow up sessions via Zoom or phone.  If you prefer a face-to-face session we can arrange this 'at home' in the Wellington/Hutt Valley area.  To understand how it works and how much it costs, take a look here.  

Thanks for checking in.  Janet is taking some time off.
This means Wise Womens Health is unable to take on new clients or confirm any appointments for massage, nutrition or wellness coaching until further notice.
Appreciate your understanding.   Namaste.

About Janet

Your Healthcare Professional - Facilitator & Coach
ND Dip Herbal Medicine
NZEN Health Coaching

I have always been interested in health & wellbeing.  I started on the nursing path and spent the first 15 years working in different areas of hospital care.  Along the way I gained qualifications in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Nutrition.  Because I have always loved the 'hands on' approach to health, I incorporated Massage Therapy, working with clients from all walks of life; from the sports field to palliative care.

More recently I have studied and retrained in Primary Care, gaining an Award from the CCDHB for "Outstanding Contribution to Primary Care in a Non-clinical Role".  This new role has been exciting - bringing a health and well-being approach into mainstream Primare Care. 

As I have evolved, I use my knowledge in Natural Health to combine my knowledge and experience from the health sector to bring a truly integrated health coaching service.

These days I bring a 'Wise Woman' approach, combining my lifetime of experiences to offer empathy, while keeping the advice real and very pragmatic.   

Sometimes life is unfair.  Some of us have to work hard to reclaim our health. You don't just arrive at a place of wellness; you learn along the way, getting to know yourself better and what works for you.  


If you are looking for a health coach to facilitate your wellness journey, please get in touch.


Wise Women's Health

IImage courtesy of Brian D'Cruz Hypno Plus. 


Janet was recommended to me by a friend when I was suffering recurring shoulder pain and nothing seemed to help.  That was over seven years ago and I have never looked back. Over the years Janet has also given me nutritional advice and guidance on ways to get through stressful times.

—  Nicola Johnson

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