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How it Works 

To give you an idea of what to expect - read on.  If you're got any questions - simply get in touch.


Check out the Services Page Contact Janet to see if she can help.

A quick discussion to make sure we're able to work together.


Janet will send you an appointment with link to ZOOM if applicable - or give you details of the next step.

Mobile Phone


Complete and return the Health Questionnaire if applicable.

Online Learning.


Janet will be in touch to confirm your first coaching session. 

Video coaching sessions using ZOOM is the preferred option.  You will be sent an invitation with details. 

Fee varies vary between $65 - $120 depending on service.  Check here for pricing.

If you prefer a face to face consultation in your own home around the Wellington or Hutt Valley area, this can be arranged $120 fee + any travel costs if applicable.



Your initial coaching session 

A friendly chat where we clarify your goals.  Perhaps dig a little deeper into your history and start planning for the future.



Following the first coaching session a Health Plan will be sent to you with recommendations.

Here's where the good stuff happens.  Recommendations are based around what you want to achieve.  This will include things like a Nutrition Plan, Nutritional Supplements, exercise and relaxation suggestions, herbal remedies and any other advice as needed.

Diet Plan


1st follow up consultation 2 weeks later. Generally a phone appointment to trouble shoot any issues. 

Your opportunity to discuss any problems and for Janet to guide you in the right direction. 

$45 consultation fee.



2nd follow up consultation one month after that if needed. 

Another opportunity to check progress and address any issues.  

From here we work out follow ups if required.

$45 consultation fee.

Women Listening


Become a monthly member to stay on track.

A few options will be available so you can decide what suits your needs and budget.

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